Video 1 – Rebars

  • Click  to load the AutoRebar engine.
  • Click   to insert a new Rebar.
  • Type 20 for the diameter; Millimiters are the default units for both the model space and the bar diameter (different units may be selected in the AutoRebar Options > Units)
  • Click a few points to define the vertices of the Rebar you want to create.
  • Stretch the Rebar to experience the way it reacts.
  • Double click it to modify the bar diameter, the annotation scale, the display modality (thin, thick or double line) and to hide/show the dimensions.
  • Insert a thread or a coupler at one of the ends.
The radius to which the bar is bent is a function of the bar diameter that can be set in AutoRebr Options > Rebar > Bending Radius.
By default AutoRebar adopts the values for the bending criterion defined by Eurocode 2 UNI EN 1992-1-1 section 8.3 Permissible mandrel diameters for bent bars.