Video 12 – Calls

The Call Objects are means of inserting references to Marks without affecting the Bar Bending Schedule and the quantity take-off. They are primarily used to insert annotations whose content reflects the Mark data. The number of bars displayed by a Call are a mere reflection of the linked Mark and they do not contribute to the total quantity.
  • Get a drawing with a few Rebars and linked Marks.
  • Generate the BBS and take note of the total number of bars and the total mass.
  • Run the Call Command to insert a new Call.
  • Select the Mark which the Call must be linked to.
  • Pick any two points to place the Call.
  • Select the Call and tick the options to display/hide the Mark information.
  • Repeat the operation for the remaining Marks.
  • click  to verify that Calls are never taken into account by the Bar Bending Schedule.