Curved Rebars

Discover how to create Rebar object with one or more curved sections.
  • Click the Rebar command and specify the bar diameter.
  • Pick a point for the first end of the curved Rebar.
  • Type 2P and press the Space Bar for the 2PArc option.
  • Click on the screen to pick the mid point and the end point of the arc.
  • Stretch the Rebar to experience the way it reacts.
  • Try hovering the pointer on any of the grip points and insert/remove extra vertices.
  • Curved sections can be converted to straight ones and vice versa.
Keep an eye on the command line whilst the Rebar command  is running. AutoRebar offers a variety of live options such as 1-Point-Arc (1PArc), 2-Points-Arc (2PArc), Tangent, Hook, Bend and Undo.