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The video tutorials are intended to provide crucial information about the logic followed by AutoRebar. Please feel free to post any comments or questions into the box below.

20 comments on “Video tutorials
  1. David Whynot says:

    Thanks for supplying this utility. I think I’m going to enjoy it immensely. I do have one question. How do I turn off the cross hairs on the sectional rebar? I can’t seem to locate an option for this.


  2. ahmed says:

    pls i need your help
    i download this plug and instul it but not show in my autocad
    i have civil 3d 2014
    how can i show it

  3. vibeeshkc says:

    How to make this type Of barmark

    (1+1)Φ12/200 N=28 L=6374 E=2.61m

    • Admin says:

      create a mark linked to a 12mm Rebar 6.374m long and edit it as follows:
      Manual E=2.61 m (or link it to a 2.61m dimension).
      I hope this helps.

  4. Abdul Hannan says:

    I having problem with BBS table when it appears, its size is alot bigger than my rest of work (drawn rebars), u can can 1:100 times large. i have also sent the Screan shots to technical support, i have tried every setting adjustment but unable to fix it. even i have tried to use default setting. i am using AutoCAD 2014. kindly advice

  5. prakash says:

    This is among one of the best software I have seen for BBS
    is it possible to enter number of bars along with bar dia

    also is it possible to use with VBA so that once i draw pline using some software along with information like bar dia and number of bars as extended entity so that your software automatically picks up that information and draw the bbs without me going to table and fill it up.

    once again congratulations for such superb software for such a low cost

    prkash b bajaj

  6. jr.enriquezm says:

    Hello! in my country we use a mark like this:
    4 No. 3 @ 0.15m
    the “No.3″ refers to a diameter of 3/8”
    in your mark would be something like: 4Φ10/150
    is it possible edit the mark to match the one used in my country?
    Best Regards! and thanks for the plugin! its awesome!

  7. ATD says:

    I cannot make the radius, text and the double line appear in my drawing. What might be the problem? I am using AutoCad 2014.


    • Admin says:

      Hi, please make sure to click the AutoRebar icon button to load the AutoRebar engine and visualize the dynamic objects. Also, sometimes the thickness of the bar and the bending radius not being visible might be due to drawing a Rebar in Millimeters while the current model units are set to Meters; please check for the appropriate units in the AutoRebar options.

  8. John Pauwels says:


    When i save my drawing in autocad, after drawing rebars and placing marks, and than re-open my autocad drawing the rebars and marks are shown flat.

    What’s the solution for this?


    • Admin says:

      Hi John,

      Simply click the AutoRebar icon button to load the plug-in and visualize the AutoRebar dynamic objects.
      Alternatively, you can explode them into standard AutoCAD objects such as polylines and textes if you want to send the drawing to a non-AutoRebar user.


  9. enjoy93 says:

    What means a and b ? What is the position of the bars ?

    • Admin says:

      Sometimes bars must be grouped in pairs and the designer may want to show that with a (1+1) instead of a simple 2. In this case a=1 and b=1 instead of n=2.
      In some occasions the grouping criteria is even more complex, say 2(3+4): that would be n=2, a=3, b=4.
      I hope this helps.

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