Linked Dimensions

Explore how to link an AutoCAD dimension to a Mark object in order to specify the Range property.
  • Insert a new Rebar and link a Mark to it. Edit the Mark data and generate the BBS as shown in the previous section.
  • Insert a standard AutoCAD linear dimension (either the _DIMLINEAR or the _DIMALIGNED commands will do). The length pointed by this dimension is going to serve as the input value for the Range parameter in our Mark.
  • Double click the Mark to edit it and click the   button to pick the dimension; the Mark now shows the field Spacing linked to the dimension. Click OK to close the form. From now on this dimension will be linked to the Mark and provide the value for the Range property. Any change to the dimension will affect the liked Mark as well.
  • Stretch the dimension and verify that the number of bars displayed by the Mark is modified accordingly.
  • Run the BBS command again to update the Bar Bending Schedule.
  • Alternatively, Marks can also be linked to Crosshairs objects by clicking the button from within the Edit Mark form.