AutoRebar provides Autodesk® AutoCAD® (and all vertical products) with an extra toolbar with special objects for rebar detailing of reinforced concrete structures.

New users find AutoRebar so easy to use that they can achieve good productivity in a matter of hours. If you can use AutoCAD, essentially you are already proficient with AutoRebar.

AutoRebar offers a variety of special objects such as Rebars, Crosshairs, Marks, Callouts, and the BBS.

Rebars are created and stretched similarly to AutoCAD polylines and their diameter can be simply edited with a double click; all AutoRebar entities are dynamically linked and update automatically when one of them is modified.

The user can add a new Mark by selecting the Rebar to be linked, and double click it to edit data such as the bar grouping criteria, the bar spacing and the size of the range; alternatively, either a Crosshairs object or a normal AutoCAD® dimension can be linked to the Mark and used to specify scheduling data such as the spacing and the range of a bundle of bars in the concrete structure. AutoRebar automatically calculates the total quantity for that Mark and reacts to any changes should any of the linked objects change at any time. For instance, if the concrete structure that contains linked Rebars and/or Dimensions is stretched by the user, the total number of bars in the linked Mark updates immediately.

Bar Bending Schedules can be either inserted in the drawing or exported to Excel with a simple click. The BBS command includes all the Marks in the current drawing, while the selBBS command allows to create a schedule by selection for a specific part of the structure.

The displayed format of the Marks, the layout of the BBS and the terminology used by AutoRebar can all be customized to fit company-specific standards and to produce drawings in any language.
License notes: AutoRebar licenses are perpetual (pay once and use forever), they include free updates for compatibility with future AutoCAD versions and can be moved from one computer to another with a simple click. AutoRebar licenses are managed independently from Autodesk.