With AutoRebar precision meets simplicity.

Experienced designers are well aware that crossties should be bent with precision to the correct length in order to respect tolerances on concrete cover.
If the crossties are bent too short, they keep the main reinforcement too far from the concrete face and reduce its effective depth; on the other hand, if the crossties are bent too long they might end up inclined, which prevents effective confinement and is detrimental for the shear capacity of the structural member among other issues, or they might invade the design concrete cover and generate a non compliance.

AutoRebar makes it super easy to design and document crossties with extreme precision and prevent installation problems.
  • Start the SecBar  command and specify the bar diameter.
  • Click any point to locate the crosshair on the screen and make a copy a few centimetres apart.
  • Check the Settings for the active scale and set it to 1:10.
  • Start the Crosstiecommand and specify the bar diameter for the tie.
  • Pick any pair of the Crosshairs on screen. The Crosstie is created to fit.
  • Go to Settings > Stirrup and set both the hook angles to 180°.
  • Create more Crossties.