Release 1.1.3

Release 1.1.3 available for download.

Included features:

  • AutoCAD 2015 compatibility.
  • Cross-hairs display options for sectioned rebars.
  • Improved Ribbon icons.
  • Improved stability.
  • Minor bug fixes.
9 comments on “Release 1.1.3
  1. Amarnath says:

    Dear Admin,
    Does Auto rebar recognizes the rebar’s that is already generated by CYPE software ? This option would benefit many CYPE software users. We can use Auto rebar for any correction / modifications done by CYPE software.
    I am the distributor of CYPE software in India. Kindly share your e-mail address. I would like to discuss more about the software.

    Amarnath SN

  2. Lukas H says:

    Dear Admin
    Is it possible to choose dashed line when you draw rebar ?.
    I want to draw rebar with dashed line when something is on the lower level and with continuous line when it’s on the higher level.



  3. hapsea says:

    I have problems with the releases 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 working on Autocad 2015.
    The issues are:
    – when i want to save it takes about 5 minute to save; during this time the autocad is freezing;
    – very often (once15/20 minutes) autocad gives me a fatal error ” Unhandled e0434352h Exception at fdde940dh”. After that i have to restore my files.

    I have this problem on 2 diferent computers both with win7X64, one with Intel i5 and one with Amd Fx X 600+. I have instaled in paralel Autocad 2012 and the program works just fine.
    Below is the log of the file recovery.

    ing recovery.
    Drawing recovery log.

    Loading AEC Base…
    Loading AECC Base…

    Loading Modeler DLLs.
    Loading AEC Base Extended…
    Loading AEC Core…
    Loading AEC Project Base…
    Loading AEC Architectural Base…

    Validating objects in the handle table.
    Valid objects 25133 Invalid objects 0
    Validating objects completed.

    Salvaged database from drawing.

    Auditing Header

    Auditing Tables

    Auditing Entities Pass 1

    Pass 1 9500 objects auditedAcDbHatch(3FDF0)
    has 0 lines displayed
    Pass 1 24000 objects audited
    Auditing Entities Pass 2

    Pass 2 9500 objects auditedAcDbHatch(3FDF0)
    has 0 lines displayed
    Pass 2 24000 objects audited
    Auditing Blocks

    506 Blocks audited

    Auditing AcDsRecords

    Total errors found 2 fixed 2

    Erased 0 objects

    Opening an AutoCAD 2013 format file.
    Substituting [simplex.shx] for [ISO3098.shx].
    Substituting [simplex.shx] for [Graphite Light].
    Substituting [simplex.shx] for [Gill Sans MT Shadow].
    Regenerating model.

    AutoCAD Express Tools Copyright © 1999 Autodesk, Inc.

    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    Hatch boundary associativity removed.
    AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.
    AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.
    AutoCAD bonus utilities loaded.

    AutoCAD Express Tools Copyright © 1999 Autodesk, Inc.
    ; error: syntax error

    AutoCAD bonus utilities loaded.

    • Admin says:

      the issue has been fixed in release 1.2.0 that will be soon available.
      An option has been made available to improve dramatically the performance when dealing with heavy drawings.

  4. Sergey says:

    Is it possible to translate and/or modify the BBS table in other language?

  5. Salama says:

    Hi, In AutoCAD2015 with Autrebar release 1.1.4, Marks and e-marks and calls don’t display any thing but lines (red 7 green) instead of included data about # of bars and diameters .
    but BBS still works well, as will if my work size is very large i can’t rememberer which line of marks or calls refer to its exact BAR !!
    how to overcome that ?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Salama,
      please make sure to click the AutoRebar icon button or type AUTOREBAR at the command line to switch on the engine of the plug-in.
      The green and red lines should then show themselves like proper Marks and Calls. So will the Rebars, showing in double line and proper fillets.
      I hope this helps.

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